Eli Argon

USA: 16501 Ventura Blvd. #504 Encino CA 91436-2047 Phone: 240-390-2554 Fax: 818-482-2708
Israel: 9 Begin Blvd. #1 Hadera 38525 Phone: 972-77-218-5877 Mobile: 972-50-2185877
Email: career@eliargon.com        Web:EliArgon.com        Note:Holds Israeli and USA Citizenship

Over 3 decades of experience (since 1979 with Apple IIe BASIC and 6502 assembly) covering all aspects of software and system design, including development, testing, implementation and support. Major clients include the US Postal Service, Paxis (a Lockheed Martin subsidiary), AEG (now Siemens, Germany), ECA (a Siemens subsidiary), Washington GAS, ARINC (Aeronautical Radio Inc.), COMSAT, and LocalNet LLC.

Over 16 years of intimate involvement with the USPS automation effort. A valuable contributor to the introduction of key sorting concepts, and subsequent implementation of new software and systems. Integral member of the team that created the first PC-driven bar code sorter, and later collaborated in providing sort plan software for the Delivery Barcode Sorter (DBCS) and the Carrier Sequence Barcode Sorter (CSBCS). Developed simulation programs for mail flow and sort validation, and provided testing, analysis, and modifications for existing software, systems, and operations.

Previous positions held: Software Engineer, Project Manager, Consultant, and Senior Manager of various development groups.
  • Owned and operated successful software development, and web design, hosting and management companies. Served as the CTO of several web startups, and consulted on several high-tech internet related enterprises.
  • Proven long-term track record of identifying areas of anomaly in process control and data flow in various settings, and in assessing and creating efficient and practical solutions.
  • Active member of the web/internet industry since 1997, managing the online presence of the Israeli embassy in the US. Responsible for creating, hosting and maintaining custom sites for various businesses and individual clientele. Specialization in database driven applications, and content management. Recognized for publishing an award winning arts guide. Monitored and supervised the implementation of on-line tickets sales for international production company Teev-Events. Led the development of tailored CMS for myriad clients.

Currently seeking a new and challenging opportunity in the high-tech industry, in a consulting, managing or hands-on position. As a member of your team I will:

  • Quickly grasp your objective
  • Formulate a plan of action that is in line with stakeholder's objectives
  • Assess and utilize your resources to maximum potential
  • Supervise, delegate, motivate, and inspire assembled teams and individual contributors
  • Perform any required task with diligence and dedication
  • Deliver on-time and within-budget effective and efficient solutions

BA (Cum Laude) University of MD, 1978, Communication and Marketing.
Continuing professional education includes ongoing participation in a wide variety of business and software related classes and seminars

Programming: C/C++, Visual Studio 6.0. Certified Microsoft Developer and member of MS Developer Network (MSDN).

Web Languages: Proficient with PHP and MySQL,(getting up to speed on MongoDB). Works with latest JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 tools (such as AngularJS, jQuery and Bootstrap) using PHP Frameworks such as (Laravel,Yii, CakePHP and FatFree) and CSS compilers (SASS & LESS). Working knowledge of CMS environments such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Concrete5.

Platforms and Applications

Windows: Fluent with MS Windows environment (currently Windows7 Pro) and MS Office software (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as a variety of productivity tools.

Unix/Linux: Fluent with various flavors of Unix (Linux, Sun, QNX/SCO-Unix/) working with various Shells and system/utilities commands.

Detailed resume, references and additional information are available per request.
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  • Oct. 2015